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Afterparty Blend 2018

wo 11 april

We are closing our Playgrounds Blend 2018 edition in Breda with an evening of great electronic music and visuals with live performances by Chagall (UK) and Studio Aszyk (UK).

Doors open at 20:00

Chagall at 20.30
Aszyk 21:30 – 22.45
dj in cafe till the end.



Chagall is an Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer and early adopter of the mi.mu gloves (wireless data gloves to perform electronic music with gesture).

Inspired by the people around her, nature, ancient Greek poetry, the music of Björk, James Blake, Beethoven, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell, Miriam Makeba she write songs that are deeply personal but underpinned by a sometimes uncomfortable bed of wobbly basses and quirky sounding beats.

In over 50 performances at e.g. Ted, Sonar, Ableton loop, Amsterdam Dance Event, Green Man and Nesta Futurefest she has been using the mi.mu gloves to physically control the most detailed of electronic sounds while maintaining direct interaction with the audience.

Her show is very visual too and she applies reactive visuals and carefully designed choreography to create an almost hyper-reality, a physical space where normally invisible sound effects are represented visually.



Aszyk is a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring new areas of moving image and sound, especially the area in the middle where they meet.

The work is bold, colourful and evokes a feeling of fun; Aszyk works hard to play hard, devoting hours, days, months and even years to projects, refining skills and trying to uncover new areas of audiovisual art. From tiny gifs up to huge, building-mapped av projections, scale is not an issue – all that matters is being able to spread awesome art as far and wide as possible.



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