English summary

Podium Bloos is a refreshing venue for makers and public. An inspiring place where talents can grow, where those with courage and creativity take new directions and where the audience sees the most surprising and innovating results.

The complex consists of a theatre hall, café, foyer, 3 offices, 3 theatre studio’s and 1 dance studio. Next to providing professional and amateur artists and companies a catalyzing open platform for their work and a public, the building is readily appealing to commercial enterprises. The venue yearly facilitates about 125 activities and receives 15.000 guests. Podium Bloos is supported by the local and provincial governments.

The venue is located in the urban development region of the city and is an integral part of a creative cluster of cultural organizations.

Vision and mission

Performing arts exists through the gratitude of an audience (if only just one spectator), a creator, and a place where they meet: A trinity of public, performer and stage.

Stimulating development of talent
The mission of subsidized performing arts is to develop and present a variety of innovative, profound and risky productions. Talents and ambitions deserve artistic, productional and financial support: Quality doesn’t emerge on a single day. Therefore talent development needs continuity and the opportunity to research in a work place setting.

The trajectory starts with children and progresses via youngsters and teenagers towards adults. Podium Bloos lends an artistic chain by means of the Ctrl-f, festival 39Graden, amateurs of all ages and by nurturing young makers.

Stimulating diversity in audience currents
Podium Bloos finds it important that making and presenting should be closely connected. We take every opportunity to expose our audiences to all stages of art production; rehearsals, and developmental workshops are frequently on view, as are finished works of art. A work place that is in use the whole day is lively, inspiring and attracts more public.

Stimulating new contexts
In the last few years there a remarkable shift in the cultural landscape has taken place. The public is looking more and more for places where performances:
– are part of a larger contextual event (e.g festivals)
– are shown outside the typical venue (e.g. theater on location)
– are framed (e.g with introductions, lectures)
– are realized in co production with the spectator (e.g. community arts projects)

So the common idea of a performance is enriched. In turn, young makers are increasingly creating for this new kind of contexts.

Work Place

Podium Bloos likes to support and assist the development of talent and share the willingness to risk and embrace the new outcomes with a broad as well as mixed audience. A work place is a rather safe place where makers can explore new forms, deepen their own natural talents and find their artistic route. Podium Bloos offers three kinds of support: facilitation, guidance, development.

This is particularly about offering spaces for rehearsals and performances. The criteria are rather straight forward:
– Does the user a artistic goal
– Is the user in some way connected to the city
– Are the needs suitable with the logistical and technical capacities of the venue

This is a step further than facilitating. The venue is much more involved and the interaction is more elaborate. Where necessary, there is our expertise made available to help shape ideas and plans and processes. Our specialty is location theater. Podium Bloos can play an instrumental role in publicity, light and sound technique, advice and productional support.

Podium Bloos wants to be a place where new makers experience true support. Nowadays it is almost impossible for makers to develop a production on their own. Not only financially but also organizationally. It is like bringing a new product on the market. There is more to it than meets the eye. Podium Bloos assists makers in production, administration, human resources, network, locations, contracts, finances and publicity/marketing.

Podium Bloos is incidentally not a production house and therefore not performing as a producer. There are many different constructive possibilities. For example: a rehearsal in exchange for giving a presentation, workshop or participating in Bloosproductions. The most interesting for us is when a maker gives our project a artistic twist.
Podium Bloos is since 2014 part of the commission of the provincial Master Plan:Talent Development (scouting and coaching program for young theatre/dance makers). Other commissioners are: Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Festival Boulevard, Festival Cement, De Nwe Vorst, DansBrabant.